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I used to think I had to do something incredible to make a difference, but making a difference can start in the smallest of ways and has the ability to grow into something unbelievable.  It is like planting a seed;plant the seed and it will slowly grow from a small investment into something significant. If we are planting these seeds they will reap produce in due time.

As we embark on the New Year, we traditionally like to renew efforts to invest in ourselves and, more generally, make a difference in the world, whether through giving up unhealthy habits, investing time in helping others or simply committing to working harder. Some of these New Year resolutions require an enormous amount of time and effort whereas others are like seeds; small investments that have the potential to grow into significant produce. We also need to invest our time, effort and resources in young people this year. We need to be actively planting seeds of empowerment and opportunity in young people’s lives that will provide them with the means to reach the individual potential that each of them possesses.

It is impossible that you alone can change the world, but it is possible that you change the world from an individual’s perspective. If you and others joined in and started looking at the consequences of your purchases, choosing social over profit, what a movement we would see in the raising up of a generation of innovators who can make a difference. Investing in Madlug plants the vital seeds of Value, Worth and Dignity in young people’s lives. Even the smallest act of showing love to a child can mean so much for them as they seek to find value. 

Stop asking yourself how you can make a difference and start believing and doing what you can to make a difference.

Richard Lyttle 

January 04, 2017 by Madlug Blog

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