Most children in care have their belongings moved in black plastic bin bags and they lose their dignity.
Most children in care have their belongings moved in black plastic bin bags or plastic shopping bags and they lose their dignity.
EATING OUT |  A £5 lunch in Belfast

We sent Josh out this past week with a very small budget to see where he could get a lunch in Belfast as a student for around a fiver.  Check out his findings.

1.  Build a Burger

The place where you can get almost anything you want on a burger; from something relatively normal like a fried egg to the utter bizarre like gummy bears, Build a Burger has it all. It's cheap too. Between 11.30am and 3.30pm you can get a steak, chicken or vegetarian burger with chips, salad or coleslaw for just £5.50. You can then build your burger with as many of the huge range of toppings you want and will be well and truly satisfied! 

Location: Botanic


2.  Bubbacue

Slow cooked pulled pork and beef, always a winner for a post-lecture lunch! Bubbacue pride themselves on slow cooked meat served fast and is a firm favourite for Belfast’s student population. For around £6.25 you can get either a sandwich, salad, bowl or wrap with chicken, beef, sausage or, of course, pork with a side.

Location: Botanic or Callender Street

3.  Little Wing

Pizza is always the ultimate comfort food at uni and Little Wing provides a great lunch deal to keep you going on a long hard day of assignments. For just £4.95 you can get any 6” pizza with a salad between 11 am and 4 pm.

Location: Lisburn Rd or Ann Street 


4.  Boojum

Of course, we couldn’t’ do this article without mentioning the staple of the Belfast student’s diet that is Boojum. Boojum is the go-to place for Belfast students with its close proximity to the McClay Library making it the perfect place to go for a quick but hearty lunch. For around £5.90 you can get a burrito, bowl or salad packed with rice, meat, beans and all the trimmings.

Location: Botanic, Chichester St, Great Victoria St, Vic

September 28, 2017 by Madlug Blog

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