As difficult as it is to believe, it is only a month before the academic year starts up again.

Consequently, many parents are already beginning to make initial preparations for the new term - whatever form that might take within the rules of social distancing. There is no doubt that recent months have been deeply unsettling and frightening for both adults and young people but as we forge into the unknown it will be beneficial to plan ahead.

With this in mind, we would like to draw attention to the wide selection of products offered by Madlug that should make a day at school easier.

First of all, we are delighted to announce that our limited edition school bags are back by popular demand and available for pre-order. They are just the right size for carrying pencil cases, textbooks, notepads, lever arch folders and the like, and they come in a range of bold and attractive colours: red, blue, navy, black forest green and burgundy. Our school bags also come with two drink bottle holders and reflective strips - invaluable as we move into the darker winter months. Pre-orders will be dispatched on August 11th, just in time for filling with all of the essentials.

Also, our Madlug Custom bags are still available for those students who want to express their individuality. You can mix things up by choosing a range of colours of logo, zip pulls and the bag itself, personalising things further by adding your name on the front pocket. It’s the perfect way to make your bag clearly visible in the classroom or common room.

Further, Madlug duffel bags are great for carrying a PE kit or games equipment. They come with handles and a soft shoulder strap so can be carried alongside a regular backpack on busy school days.

Those in search of other accessories might like to know that Madlug also offer pencil cases and lunch cooler bags, offering durable solutions for those items that receive the most use. We also sell Jerry™ drinking bottles to help out a fellow social enterprise who funds water and sanitation projects in India and Tanzania. Again, by purchasing one of these bottles, you will benefit not only from a quality product but also by directly providing much-needed resources to those in need.

Meanwhile, students at college or university should check out our Roll-Top Backpack. Designed in our own Belfast, it is a practical and comfortable way to carry multiple books and other items, and comes equipped with a discreet laptop slip to ensure the safety of your technology.

Therefore, we would encourage you to have a look at our online shop and the various ranges on offer there. By doing so, you are both investing in your child and other children who are moving into or through the care system. For them, attending school will be a very different experience yet they can receive value, worth and dignity through your choice to invest in Madlug products. Also, if you or your child choose to endorse the Madlug brand, you are communicating a powerful message of compassion for the 90,000 young people currently in the care system. This might open up natural conversations with others about the Madlug mission, further spreading the message that young people are incredible.

Get involved. Choose Madlug. Make a difference.

Madlug Team

July 27, 2020 — Madlug Blog

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