VALUES | Madlug Refuses To Do Black Friday


Black Friday has become a huge day for Christmas shoppers to try and make the most of discounts, but we at Madlug are bucking the trend - we won’t be taking part in Black Friday sales. As a retailer that may seem like we are shooting ourselves in the foot on one of the ‘biggest shopping days of the year’, but here’s 5 reasons why we’re confident we’ve made the right decision.

  1. We’re a values based company. Madlug was founded to help children in the care system travel with dignity. Each time you buy a bag we are able to gift a bag to a child in care. We believe in the value and worth that these young people have and refuse to discount their worth.

  2. We believe our products are worth it. We will not put out an inferior product to increase short term sales. We will only sell products that we are happy with and convinced will serve you well. Our hope in this is that when your bag does need replaced, you will return to us for another quality product. That is also why we offer the giving bag as a separate item to purchase. We know that you may not need another bag, but you may wish to give another bag to a young person in need.

  3. We’re worried about societal trends and pressures. Debt is rising in the UK. The constant rise of consumerism and pressure to have the latest trend is contributing to this. We don’t want you to feel pressured into buying. We only want you to buy from us (or anyone else) when you need it and can afford it.

  4. We want to build a sustainable business. More than 90 children enter the UK care system each day, that’s the equivalent of a primary school each week. It would be a terrible business model for Madlug to be reliant on flash sales such as Black Friday and in the end it would the children in care who would feel this the most. We want to grow Madlug to be able to meet the needs of these children, this requires a long term vision and strategy, not short term frantic sales.

  5. We believe in the value of our staff and volunteers. We’ve all seen the videos of chaos and even violence breaking out over Black Friday sales. Even in the week building up to Black Friday retail staff are put under immense stress and pressure to reach targets (partly because of the sustainability issues highlighted above). We refuse to put our staff and volunteers through this. We want to build an environment that encourages them to thrive in their work. We believe this will better serve you and children in care.

So while we won’t be offering flash sale prices this Friday our commitment to you is twofold:

  1. The best quality products year round and;

  2. For each bag sold one is gifted to a child in care.

And these aren’t just true on Black Friday, but every day.

PS:  This isn’t to say that Madlug will never offer any discounts. As a retail brand, we accept the benefit to our business and to you of having occasional discounts, for example on discontinued stock. When this is the case we ensure that it doesn’t detract from our ability to fulfill our commitments to you and to young people in care.

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