Increase your social impact

Bags your staff, clients and new starts will love to wear. Because no child should carry their life in a bin bag.

If making a positive social impact is as important to you as it is to 63% of millennials, we can help.
Whether you’re planning an event, welcoming new starts to the team, or rewarding staff for their hard work. Madlug products are the perfect way to showcase your brand, while helping a child in care.


The fact that 30% of new starters have left a job within 90 days may come as a surprise to you (it certainly did to us) but one thing it does highlight is the importance of onboarding.

As the most vital time to focus on the experience of new employees, your onboarding pack should ideally include more than just paperwork. And with remote working fast becoming the norm, it’s time to think outside the box. 

Supplying new work laptops? The soft-touch lining in our laptop cases will protect your staff’s equipment while in transit. Planning a virtual event? Help new starts to feel like part of the team with your pick of backpacks. Whatever you choose, welcome gifts for new starts are a great way to show appreciation while highlighting your core business values. 

End of year gifts

If you’re looking to thank your staff and clients for contributing to your business while making a positive social impact, Madlug bags make great 'end-of-year' gifts.  At least, IKEA staff thought so.


“I am one of over 12,000 IKEA employees to have received a Madlug backpack last year and I can honestly say in my 13 years with the company, an end-of-year gift has never been so well received!

“It was a very emotional moment and there were tears and smiles of pride all around!”

Staff Events

Want to make a strong first impression at your next staff event? Choose a ‘swag’ bag that’s more than just a hole with handles.

While goody bags are a given at staff events, providing attendees with something memorable can be a challenge.

So why not make the goody bag the goody?

As well as being a gift your staff can use day in, day out, a Madlug bag is also a great reflection of your company’s commitment to social impact.

Just ask Shopify.

“We fell in love with Madlug’s mission to change the lives of children in care.

“At Shopify, each one of us strives to make a difference with our purchasing power, and this partnership has helped us do just that.”

In addition to supplying IKEA teams across the UK and Ireland and Shopify teams around the world with Madlug bags, we have also collaborated with the likes of Grahams Construction, Wibble, Ebay, NIE, Alchemy, and Pacem. 


Now we’re looking for more businesses to join the Madlug movement.


As well as offering the option to buy in bulk, Madlug Your Business Members also have the option to order co-branded bags as single products, helping your current staff get replacements and new starts to feel part of the team in no time.

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Our Mission

No child should carry their life in a bin bag.  Life Goes Inside™