We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with IKEA on a project that will directly benefit young people moving through the care system.

IKEA is a global home furnishing brand who needs no introduction but you may not know about their ethos of kindness and inclusion that complements the Madlug mission.

Each Christmas, IKEA UK & Ireland rewards each and every one of their co-workers with a gift. This year, the company wanted to seek out social brands with a positive, outward-looking message. The aim was to identify a product that is not only of practical use but also helps those most in need. The hope is that this will also feed into the leap year of sustainability in 2021. So, IKEA sent out three of their team to find a social brand from the United Kingdom or Ireland that met all of these requirements. All three came back with one suggestion: Madlug.

IKEA x Madlug

To have such a company be part of our mission is deeply exciting. The impact of this is tremendous not only in terms of the reach of influence that it creates but more importantly - and this fact is always our driving motivation - how it will help young people in the care system. From the very outset, IKEA were more than happy to adapt and use the rhetoric that we have been honing and sharing since the founding of Madlug: that every child in care has value, worth and dignity, and that no child should have to carry their possessions in a bin bag.

Consequently, IKEA worked diligently with us to get 12,876 backpacks shipped to their employees across the UK and Ireland in time for Christmas - some of whom, we realise, might have personal experience of care. As a result, in 2021 we will be able to ship out the equivalent in pack away travel bags to children in care. 10,000 of those bags will go to the areas where IKEA stores are situated. The remainder will go to Barnardo's, with whom IKEA forged a national partnership, and who believe that “a child's future should never be defined by their past.” The values of Barnardo's are synonymous with those of Madlug, and we are galvanised by the thought of future possibilities of working within this space to offer care support to those who most need it.

We are humbled that IKEA has chosen to work with Madlug on this project to provide value, worth and dignity to those within the care system. Equally, we are so thankful for every single person who chooses to be part of the Madlug movement. Every time someone buys a bag, a child in care is able to make their way through the world with dignity. In recent days, we have been reading your tweets and social media comments and are full of gratitude that you are sharing in our vision: “These children are so vulnerable and at sea in the world… an ethical Christmas present… we look forward with hope to light and life in 2021…”

We are delighted that IKEA UK have joined in our call to action - and you can join too. By investing in a Madlug bag, you are investing in a child in care. Thank you so very much for your continued support. A busy few months lie ahead and we look forward to sharing further news with you in the New Year.

December 21, 2020 — Dave Linton


Kelly Hutchings said:

I am lucky enough to work for IKEA in the Croydon branch I am honoured to receive this backpack for my Christmas gift as a coworker for 2020, I think it is a fantastic idea for every bag purchased a bag is donated to a child in care. It is something I would certainly do as a gift for a friend for a birthday in the coming year is to gift a bag for a child in care. Thanks IKEA for bringing my attention and my family‘s attention and my friends attention to this fantastic project. Kelly

Val Hill said:

This is truly inspiring. How good to know good people still look out for the vulnerable. Gives me hope for better days to come.

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