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Bags your staff, clients and new starts will love to wear. Because no child should carry their life in a bin bag

Increase your social impact by choosing Madlug as your bag supplier.  Our luggage is great for staff teams, events, client gifting and marketing needs. 

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Most children in care have their belongings moved in black bin bags or plastic shopping bags. This often leaves them feeling worthless.

With every bag you buy, a pack-away travel bag goes to a child in care.

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Some of the teams helping children in care

“Through gifting one of their bags to our own co-workers, together we will be donating a total of 12,876 bags to children in care "

Hege Sæbjørnsen, IKEA Country Sustainability Manager UK and Ireland

Co Branding

To promote your brand while showing that this is a cause you care about, many of our bags offer the option of co-branding with your company's logo.

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Over 60,000 people are already using a Madlug. Follow the steps bellow to join the movement and make an investment to increase your social impact. No child should carry their life in a bin bag or plastic shopping bag.

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Your investment will stop children in care having their belongings moved in bin bags.

Make a difference

Your staff and clients will feel great knowing that their new bag has helped a child in care.

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Learn more about the many ways that you can increase your social impact by giving dignity to children in care