Over the past 7 years we have experienced exciting growth as a business which results in delivering great social impact.

Giving Bags Funded

  • 55,000 Bags Donated
  • 14,000 Bags Currently In Production


The financial value for giving

  • The purchase value of giving bags is £10 each


Promoted that children in care are incredible to

  • Social Media, Networks, Conferences, Podcasts, Organic Pr, Awards.

500,000 + People

Jobs created


Inspired families to sign up and become foster carers

  • We have met and received emails that shared how Madlug has inspired them to foster.

Madlug is used in social work training across the UK as an example that no child should carry their life in a bin bag

Many children and young people in care will know that they are incredible because of their value, worth and be treated with dignity

Madlug Foundation formed.

  • The charity foundation of Madlug™ on a mission to raise awareness of how incredible every child in care is and ensure that they are treated with #ValueWorthDignity.