When you choose to gift a bag, you're making a meaningful impact in the lives of incredible children and young people in care.  For every bag you gift, we will send a pack-away travel bag to a child or young person.

You have various options to extend your support further. Adding additional bags to your order, signing up for a subscription, or simply gifting a one-time bag all contribute towards helping children in care make their way with dignity.

Gift A Bag (One-time)

We recognise that you may not require a new bag at the moment, but you still wish to contribute and make a difference. Whether you've already purchased a Madlug bag or simply want to extend your support by gifting additional bags, our Gift a Bag (One-time) option is perfect for you.


Gift A Bag (Monthly)

Are you passionate about giving back and providing children in care with the dignity they deserve? With our subscription plan, you can make a monthly impact by gifting a pack-away travel bag to a child in care.

Make a Difference.

Most children in care have their belongings moved in black bin bags. This reinforces their feeling of being worthless. With every bag your buy, a pack-away travel bag goes to a child in care. Because no child should cary their life in a bin bag.