Helping children and young people in care

We are the registered charity at the heart of the Madlug™ movement.  Our goal is to provide bags, raise awareness of issues children in care face and find solutions.

Madlug Foundation Ltd | Company No:  660774 | Charity No:  NI107658


How is Madlug Foundation funded?
Madlug C.I.C donates the cost of a pack away travel bag every time they sell a bag. 
Madlug C.I.C donates surplus profits annually
Partners and businesses make charitable donations.
Please note we are not a grant making organisation and rely on the support of our partners and funders such as Madlug CIC to deliver our mission.

How is Madlug Foundation Governed?
It has a separate board of trustees who lead the foundation to fulfil its charitable aims. It is also responsible for holding the Madlug C.I.C board of directors to account with their bag giving promise.
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