Helping you change the narrative
for children in care

We are the charity foundation of the Madlug™ movement on a mission to raise awareness and ensure that every child in care is treated with #ValueWorthDignity

If, like us, you believe that every child and young person in care is incredible and you want to change the narrative, we invite you to join the Madlug™ movement. 

    What the foundation does?


    Giving:  It facilitates all the giving of pack-away travel bags to children in care

    Promotes:  How incredible children in care are.

    Empower:  Providing job training and entrepreneurial opportunities for care-experienced young people.



    Madlug Foundation Ltd | Company No:  660774 | Charity No:  NI107658

    We are an independent registered charity, however we are a member of Madlug™ movement and have a long term agreement in place with Madlug CIC, supporting us to deliver on our mission.

    Our Mission 
    We will give 90,000 children in care dignity through the gift of a pack-away travel bag,  we will increase awareness and passionately promote the value and worth  of children and young people with care experience to the wider society , we will support the wellbeing of care experienced young people and we will have helped 5 care leavers experience employment by April 2024 because every care experienced person is incredible and deserves to be treated with #ValueWorthDignity

    How is Madlug Foundation funded?
    Madlug C.I.C donates the cost of a pack away travel bag every time they sell a bag. 
    Madlug C.I.C donates surplus profits annually
    Partners and businesses make charitable donations.
    Please note we are not a grant making organisation and rely on the support of our partners and funders such as Madlug CIC to deliver our mission.

    How is Madlug Foundation Governed?
    It has a separate board of trustees with skills and experience to lead the foundation to fulfil its charitable aims. It is also responsible for holding the Madlug C.I.C board of directors to account with their "buy one give one" commitment.
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