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Bags your staff, clients and new starts will love to wear. Because no child should carry their life in a bin bag.

Have you considered how you can make a positive social impact in your wider business? Research shows that 42 percent of people base their perception of a company on its CSR activities.

Just like treating friends and family in your personal life, corporate gifts are great relationship builders and an easy, yet effective way to show your appreciation. As well as bringing positivity to your wider business, you are also spreading the word that you are an altruistic, giving company.

But while many businesses assume sending lavish corporate gifts are a sure-fire way to win the approval of clients, the best way to impress and generate return on investment (ROI) is by gifting products that echo your brand values. For SME businesses in particular, conveying the right message about your brand, in a memorable, valuable way is of vital importance. The best way to do this is by choosing gifts that are both thoughtful and useful — something we kept in mind when designing our product range. 
The bottom line? Showing your clients that you value them goes a long way — particularly true when the impact of your gift extends beyond the recipient. When you purchase a Madlug bag for your clients, you’re also changing the life of a child in care. And if you choose to co-brand, gifting a Madlug bag has the added bonus of showcasing who you are, while helping to spread the message that all children in care deserve value, worth, and dignity. 
If you’re looking for a personalised product for one of your key clients, our classic backpack comes in eight vibrant colours, which you can coordinate with your brand and customise with a logo. Our promotional tote bags are also a popular choice for those businesses organising corporate events, and is a great way to make your brand memorable in the eyes of clients.
In addition to purchasing classic backpacks for all of its staff teams, PACEM purchased the same bags as corporate gifts for an event they ran under their partner business, Management Leadership Network (MLN). 
PACEM – alongside the likes of IKEA, Grahams Construction, Wibble, NIE, and Alchemy – has made an incredible impact on the lives of children in care. 


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As well as offering the option to buy in bulk, Madlug Your Business Members also have the option to order co-branded bags as single products, helping to enhance your business in the mind of clients, while also helping children in care.

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No child should carry their life in a bin bag.  Life Goes Inside™