We want to share a good news story with you. We received this message from a social worker. He goes on to talk about the truth, that because of the bags you provided, one less young person carried their bags in a black bin bag. Here a transcript of the message:

“I used one of your pack away bags with a chap on Friday, moving from his home to a foster placement. It was the first time I'd used one myself although others have been using them now for a while. His mother had initially put items into several plastic bags when I gently suggested using the bag provided by Madlug that I had brought with me. It really was more dignified as things were being brought to the car, and less obvious as to what might be happening to anyone observing, I might add. It was an amazing experience actually. There had been a risk of breakdown for a while and his mother had been challenging to engage with to say the least, openly critical of social services and of men in particular.

I arrived at the door and smiled, introducing myself and somehow she had just calmed a bit from how she had been the previous few days. I said I would help in any way that I could and answer her questions as best I could. We had a constructive conversation, even as her son was leaving the house. As you can imagine, the emotion was considerable but I used the bag as a tangible sign that I was coming prepared - prepared to listen and talk as well as to facilitate the physical transferring of her son and belongings. I think this made a difference to the events and wanted to write to you to encourage you in what you and all who buy a Madlug are doing.”

Every bag is making a difference in so many ways, every bag has the potential to open conversations and can be the beginning of value, worth and dignity for a young person. Thank-you for your support. As you can see from just this one example, you truly are making a difference.

Richard Lyttle

February 01, 2017 — Madlug Blog

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