Three years ago I registered Madlug as a Social Enterprise and since then I have been on an amazing journey. Over 3,000 bags have been given to children, 50% of our bags are now manufactured in Belfast by people with disabilities and we have been able to increase awareness of how incredible every child in care is. I am so humbled and thankful to everyone who has joined the movement and enabled all this to happen to date.

As we now move into year 4 with Madlug, I believe that it's time to scale. I know from the feedback that we receive from social workers and foster carers that the bags really help the children and young people feel cared for. I know that there are fewer bin bags and plastic shopping bags being used. However, when I watch the news I see that there are more children in the care system than ever before and that 90+ are entering it daily.

This means one child enters care every 15-20 minutes in the UK which equates to over 25,000 per year.

To address this Madlug is seeking schools to partner with us.

With the help of 500 schools raising £1 per pupil, we can provide brand new travel bags to each one of these 25,000 children.

If 10 pupils in each school were to choose a Madlug as their School bag we could give an additional 5,000 bags to help those already in care to live with dignity.

I would really love you to share this and to ask your local schools to get involved. Together we can make sure that no child in care will ever have their belongings moved in a bin bag. Together we can show every child in care that they are incredible and society cares for them.

3 Simple Ways You Can Help

1. Do you work in a school? Email us today to find out how your school can get involved. We have a number of entry points to suit different schools.

2. Are you a parent? Visit our shop and make next years school bag a Madlug or email us to find out how your child's school can get involved.

3. Forward this on to someone who you think might be in a position to help

For more information check out the School's Partnership Page.

Kind Regards


April 10, 2018 — Dave Linton

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