In our fast-paced world, it's easy to overlook our mental health. But we're here to help you discover simple ways to find peace, resilience, and fulfillment. Let's explore practical strategies together, because every step counts towards a healthier mind.

Get outdoors

There is a wealth of evidence to prove that being in daylight and spending time in green, leafy spaces does wonders to boost mood. When you can, take some time to be in nature. Something as simple as going for a run or doing some gardening can be enough to distract your mind from troubling thoughts. Here at Madlug, we’re also rediscovering the joy of taking long walks (for which our Outdoor Backpacks are the perfect accompaniment!)

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Otherwise, taking a few moments to sit calmly and look out of your window can really help. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, observing the beauty of nature – whether that’s spotting cloud patterns in the sky or listening to the sounds of singing birds – can help to ground us. We also recommend bringing the outside in with the sights and scents of house plants, flowers and herbs. Plus, growing them can make a fun hobby!

Give to others

Providing hope and joy through difficult times can make a huge difference – not just to those around us, but in ourselves, too. In fact, research suggests that acts of giving and kindness can help improve mental wellbeing in a number of ways. These include giving us a feeling of purpose and self-worth, creating positive feeling and a sense of reward, and helping us to connect with other people.

Checking in with family, friends or colleagues, volunteering in the local community, or contributing to important social causes are all examples of acts of kindness that go a long way. Providing value, worth and dignity to children in care is a cause close to our hearts and one we’re hoping to increase awareness around (if you’re unfamiliar with our story, you can find out more here).

We operate under a ‘buy one, give one’ initiative, which means for every bag purchased, another is given to a child in care. Purchasing a Madlug bag for yourself or gifting one to someone else is an easy way to support this important cause and give back (while bagging yourself a great product in the process!) Don’t need a new bag, but still want to get involved? You can also donate one here.

Look ahead

Keeping in mind that what you're feeling is not going to last forever and looking ahead as far as possible reminds us all that positive days lay ahead in the near future. According to new research from the University of Surrey, if we are able to look forward to the future, our mental wellbeing will presently be more resilient. Studies have found that gratitude and positive, forward-thinking directed thoughts towards the positive aspects of participants’ lives and gives hope rather than concentrating on a present comparison to the past.

Stay active

Stay active by incorporating physical movement into your daily routine. Exercise not only enhances mental and physical wellbeing but also releases endorphins, those delightful 'happy hormones' that uplift your spirits. The Madlug Duffel Bag, a versatile companion, makes a great gym bag to carry all your workout essentials. Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a run, or trying out a new physical hobby, having your gear organised ensures you're always ready to stay active.

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Blocking out time in your calendar also serves as a helpful reminder to prioritise exercise, just like scheduling hydration breaks to keep you fuelled and focused. Embracing regular exercise not only boosts positivity and energy levels but also offers numerous physical benefits, from reducing aches and pains to enhancing cardiovascular health and preventing chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. With activities tailored to every fitness level, why not set a weekly goal to explore something new? You might just uncover a newfound passion along the way!

Sharing is caring

There are lots of ways you can show your love and appreciation for the people in your life. Why not create a playlist for a colleague as motivation to complete a challenging piece of work, or send a friend an interesting podcast you’ve come across that might inspire them?

Another way to spread the love is through gift-giving. If you’re looking to treat someone special, you can browse our wide range of bags and other products, or send the lucky recipient a giftcard so they can choose something themselves. All gifted out? If you have enjoyed this blog (or any of our other posts), share it with a friend.

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