Having become first acquainted with Dave during Summer Madness, I got in touch about meeting up to discuss Madlug for a project I had been doing called 'A Day in the Life of...' which gave a platform to small business owners to discuss the story behind their business. During this meeting, Dave asked whether I would be up for doing some lifestyle shots of their signature carrier bag, to which I enthusiastically said yes.

I started to ponder what was meant by lifestyle and a number of images popped into my head, some of which were captured shortly afterwards and some of which are still in process. My brainstorming was focused into looking at a variety of lifestyles that would apply to many different people, and exploring the various ways we use or could use a carrier bag.

My first thought was how we could use the bag for business purposes, with an edge. As a business owner myself, I know the importance of having your laptop and other essentials to show potential clients what you do. My photo of the laptop and the cup of tea – a leisurely, mobile office – with the Madlug logo seen clearly in the screen is one of the photos I am most proud of. The subtleties of the image speak volumes.

With most of my friends having children, I have a basic understanding of the amount of items parents need to bring when they take their children out on a trip. I wanted the bag to appeal to those mothers and fathers who need to take mountains of toys to keep their kids entertained, never mind packing for every other eventuality! A friend graciously let me into their toddler’s room to get some photos of how parents can avail of Madlug bags.

I had an absolute blast photographing this - it really got my creative juices flowing!"

Christine McIlroy, Christine Jennifer Photography
May 03, 2017 — Madlug Blog

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