We love getting letters that allow us to show you the difference you are making. We received this letter from one of the incredible care experienced young people who received one of our giving bags last year.

Dear all at Madlug

I am a young care experienced person who received one of your ‘Life goes inside’ bags.

I am writing to express how moved and grateful I am to you and the work that you are doing. It is unfortunately not often that someone trapped within the care system and with life experiences that I have is made to feel worthy or valued, or allowed to feel cared for. I wanted to thank you as when I received a bag off you, with the handwritten note, and the clear thought and care that is embedded in your work, I felt a surge of warmth and compassion. It felt wonderful to know that there are people who invest their time and energy into showing love and respect to others, and that despite knowing nothing about me you felt I was deserving and worth compassion.

I think sometimes people forget that every human being is deserving and should be shown love and compassion and valued. I know that being so lost in the care system, I have often struggled to feel this way about myself. I wanted to thank you all for not only reminding me of this reality, but for truly making me feel it, for extending the arm of solidarity and for doing the amazing work that you are doing.

I know my voice is only one of many, but I hope that by sending this letter I am able to reciprocate at least a fraction of the good feelings I had upon receiving my Madlug bag. Thank you so much.

I hope that when I am in a more secure position I will be able to support your work and enable other young people to feel the way I have been lucky enough to.

With gratitude and respect,

A care experienced young person.
January 10, 2018 — Madlug Blog


Eve said:

This extraordinary person’s words gave me goosebumps through and through!

What an articulate, intelligent and compassionate individual the author of this letter is.

I will not be surprised if this person goes on to do great things and if the Madlug work inspires belief in goodness and possibility for the future then there’s endless blessings involved in this mission!

Thank you to both of you (and very best of luck and love to the person who wrote it.)

Eve x

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