The #1 UK bag brand that helps you give dignity to children in care. Life Goes Inside™
The #1 UK bag brand that helps you give dignity to children in care. Life Goes Inside™
THANKS l Madlug is 3

Well, that went fast! It's hard to believe that this week three years ago Dave Linton started Madlug. Since then, with your support thousands of children in care have been able to travel with dignity. As we're getting ready to mark this anniversary we just wanted to say a massive thank you! We could not do this without your support, everytime you buy a Madlug you change a life and bring us so much encouragement. 

But we still have a long way to go. Currently, there's over 90,000 children in care with one entering the care system every 15 minutes. Sadly, many of these are moving with their belongings in bin bags. With your support thousands of these young people can now travel with dignity thanks to receiving a new Travel Bag.

As we get ready to go into the next 3 years Dave wanted to share some our vision. We're excited about going on this journey with you and invite you in to go again! Click here to watch the video

Moving forward we are looking to give 25,000 bags to children in care by connecting with you, your school and your business. If you'd like to get involved send us a message.

Alongside this, we are looking to employ care experienced and vulnerable young people and continue to tell the story of how incredible these young people are! Every time you wear your Madlug you are flying the flag and telling the world you believe in these young people. Again, we want to say thank you for being a part of this movement. 

If you're in Belfast on Saturday and Sunday this week please join us at Titanic Slipways where we are currently exhibiting at the Vespa World Days Festival. You'll see our tent with the balloons and free cake! 


Karen Dodd

Karen Dodd said:

What you do is phenomenal – one small step for man but a potentially giant leap in the self esteem of a young, confused and hurt human being. Well done and thank you.

Liz Humphris

Liz Humphris said:

What a fantastic idea , and well done for having it and then making it happen . Good Luck and keep going , the world needs madlugs like you !

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