How do you start a movement without people who care? How do you make people feel valued if there's no one there saying it and showing it? How do you give a bag if no one is willing to buy a bag? You don't! People are what makes Madlug awesome!

It's not a company made up of directors, it's not a company that is reliant on just one person. Rather it is a company that has 4000 supporters and over 1000 backpackers who want to make a difference. You are crucial.

4000 of you follow us on Facebook, continuing to spread the story of value, worth and dignity! Over 1000 of you have bought bags so far, you are providing crucial resources to children in care. You are re-shaping what society is saying about young people in care and replacing the stigma with hope, self-worth and opportunity. You are crucial!

You are crucial because of messages like this -

"My adoptive mum remembers us both arriving with our life's possessions in bin bags, like they were rubbish."

This girl remembers how she felt like rubbish, she remembers the day she carried her belongings in a black bin bag. You are crucial to changing this injustice that epitomises the way many young people in care are not made to feel valued or of worth.

The work you are involved in is crucial, it's crucial because of stories like this, it's crucial because this is still a problem and it's crucial because we all deserve to feel valued. You are crucial!

Richard Lyttle

April 11, 2017 — Madlug Blog

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