For me, it’s about showing kids in care that we see them, that we hear them, and we believe in them.

It’s not just buying a bag.

As a community, it’s buying a bag to help kids going into care never have to use bin bags again.

It’s buying a bag so that as a community walking down the street, kids see us wearing these bags and they see that we believe in them.

We want them to go places, and we want them to have the future that they want.

For me, when I went into care, all my stuff was in bin bags.

It’s no one’s fault – it’s the way it was.

Madlug is trying to change that.

This year has been crazy – it’s been insane.

But now is the time to keep that little bit crazy and a little bit different and buy a Madlug bag this Christmas.

Help support a child in care.

I have mine – it’s time for you to get yours.


December 01, 2021 — Emma Gibbins

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