Our collection of durable, stylish, and versatile bags are designed to accompany you wherever you go, and there’s nothing we love more than seeing where you’re taking yours. Let's hear from some of our Madlug adventurers as they share their experiences with their favourite bags.

1. Laptop Roll-Top Backpack

"This bag is perfect for an all-day adventure. My water bottle and laptop being in separate compartments are so handy for easy access, and I can still fit my camera bag in it easily!" says Katie – and we couldn't agree more. 

The Laptop Roll-Top Backpack is both stylish and functional with plenty of handy compartments for easy access to all of your essentials. Whether you're exploring a bustling city or trekking through nature's wonders, this bag will be your trusty companion.

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2. ECO Roll-Top Backpack

Ashley loves hitting the hiking trails, and Madlug’s ECO Roll-Top Backpack has become her go-to travel buddy. "The bag is amazing!” she says. “It holds so much and is light, so not heavy to be carrying around the hiking trails.” 

Our Eco Roll-Top Backpacks are not only spacious but eco-friendly, too, made from the equivalent of 12 recycled plastic bottles. The bag has a zippered pocket for essentials and also features a padded laptop compartment – perfect for digital nomads!

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3. Classic Backpack

For Ann, the Madlug Classic Backpack has become an essential part of her travel kit. “It’s great for a cabin bag as it’s strong and big enough for all my holiday needs,” she says. The bright colour makes it look stylish, so win-win for me!”. This versatile and robust bag ensures you can carry everything you need while on your adventures.

Brian, who has the Madlug Classic Backpack in blue, also considers his bag a travel essential: “The perfect weekend in Venice with my perfect bag!”

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4. Roll-Top Backpack

"I've been a fan of what Madlug stand for right from the start," says Gemma. "It means so much to me to support such an incredible cause and I travel everywhere with my Roll-Top bag! "It's so stylish and incredibly comfortable too."

"lt's one of those magic bags that seems to hold absolutely everything I throw at it! I also love when people recognise the logo or ask about the logo. I'm always keen to educate people about Madlug."

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5. Outdoor Backpack

Our bags are designed to be versatile, making them equally suitable for exploring bustling streets and discovering natural wonders. Tanya and her family took their Madlug bag to Argentina and found it to be the ideal baby bag on the plane. It also doubled up as a handy day pack for all of their adventures.

Handy features include adjustable waist and chest straps, expandable side pockets, and trekking pole attachments, making the Outdoor Backpack a great choice for hikers, too. 

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6. Roll-Top Tech Backpack 

"I needed a bag that was going to get me to work with a laptop and camera equipment, get me around America and act as a picnic bag, and the Roll-Top Tech Backpack has done just that," says Chloe.

"It has come travelling with me through Paris and soon to be America. The extra padding supports my shoulders even with a full backpack. Would highly recommend Madlug to anybody for all uses."

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At Madlug, we take pride in creating quality bags that truly make a difference. With every bag you buy, we give a bag to a child in care. Because no child should carry their life in a bin bag. When you choose Madlug, you're not only embarking on a memorable journey – you’re also ensuring every child has value, worth, and the right to move with dignity.

Wherever your travels take you – be it bustling cities, tranquil mountains, or sun-kissed beaches – let Madlug be your trusted companion. Share your Madlug adventures with us and embrace the spirit of exploration. Happy travels!

August 28, 2023 — Emma Gibbins


Tesney Wheeler said:

We purchased a Junior backpack for our grandson. This summer we took it away to Swansea where it came to the beach and Oakwood colour fest and then it came camping to Brecon Beacons. Its safe to say it was pretty mucky from both trips but was waterproof and kept the little ones valuables safe and dry. I wash it on a delicate wash and it looks as good as new again. It’s clean and fresh and already doing school runs again. Thank you Madlug. We love his Madlug backpack and we love Madlugs charity and ethos.

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