We love partnering with other organisations to deliver social action. Last month we were invited to work with Stratagem, a Belfast-based public affairs consultancy, to help them deliver on an amazing educational programme with Mary's Meals. Matthew Coyle from Stratagem shares more about this partnership below.

Stratagem is always on the lookout for ways to help those within its community and beyond. A strong sense of its social responsibilities has long defined the company and in 2018 it aims to continue that ethos.

We are working with charity Mary’s Meals to deliver resources to children in the third world, equipping them with things they need to realise basic educational aspirations.

The Mary’s Meals outlook is one Stratagem is pleased to endorse: enabling people to give of their money, goods, time and skills in offering useful, sustainable support to those seeking to improve and empower themselves, regardless of their economic or geographical circumstances.

In practice, these efforts are straightforward. Stratagem is taking part in the Mary’s Meals backpack project, filling 100 school rucksacks so that children can get the most out of the opportunities available.

From pencils and erasers to note pads, rulers and even some new clothes to wear to class, these small, everyday items – as well as a backpack in which to carry them all – can make a profound difference.

Given this focus on social impact, it is fitting that Madlug should find itself involved. Stratagem bought 50 of its backpacks as part of our efforts, with the other 50 coming via Belfast charity Ten Foundations.

There are, right now, over 90,000 children in care, with one entering the care system every 15 minutes. Sadly, many of these are moving with their belongings in bin bags. Thanks to Madlug’s ‘buy one, give one’ mission, 50 of these children have just been given the chance to travel with dignity.

August 08, 2018 — Madlug Blog


Pauline Mc Cormick said:

The 100 backpacks donated from
Stratagem came to our Marys Meals
Depot in Armagh on route to Malawi
Thank you all so much.
I would like to invite you to visit us in Armagh to see the work we do.
We fill mostly re.cycled backpacks for children i Malawi. Many thanks for your generosity. Pauline

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