When it comes to college and university life, a reliable and spacious bag is an absolute must. But for fashion-conscious students, having a bag that is as stylish as it is practical is of equal importance.

At Madlug, we’ve created a range of backpacks that not only offer ample space for laptops, textbooks, stationery, and other daily essentials, but also look and feel great. To help you choose the right bag for you, we asked students around the country for their top picks.

1. Laptop Roll-Top Backpack

Laptop Roll-Top Backpack in Black Madlug Laptop Roll-Top Backpack in Black

“The laptop Roll-Top backpack is my favourite bag! As a marketing student I can fit my laptop, camera, iPad and all the other wires and things I need into it comfortably!”

The bag’s laptop compartment is well-padded to ensure your tech devices remain safe and secure throughout your busy day. The roll-top feature adds a touch of versatility, making it easy to adjust the bag's size as required. Buy the Laptop Roll-Top Backpack


2. ECO Roll-Top Backpack

"This is by far my favourite bag for school! It's so spacious, it fits everything I need in it as an A-Level student, and the fold-down top is great for when you need that little extra room. Plus, the extra compartment is fab for keeping my iPad in!”

The bag's roll-top design adds a contemporary touch and allows for easy adjustment of its capacity according to your needs. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, it not only caters to your functional requirements but also contributes to a sustainable environment.


Buy the ECO Roll-Top Backpack.

3. Classic Backpack

"This bag has so much room for everything I need from day to day, and it being water-resistant is a nice touch with the Northern Irish weather!”

The Classic Backpack’s spacious interior is designed to accommodate textbooks, notebooks, and other college essentials effortlessly. Its water-resistant feature also ensures that your belongings remain protected from unexpected drizzles or spills.


Buy the Classic Backpack

4. 24-hour Commuter Backpack

"I absolutely LOVE this bag. It has many different compartments for everything I need as a student, and it's really convenient. I would definitely recommend!"

A padded laptop section inside the 24-hour Commuter Backpack keeps your device protected while on the move, and handy front compartments allow for easy accessibility. Travelling in the rain? Water-repellent, abrasion resistant fabric ensures you are wet weather ready. 


Buy the Commuter Backpack

Some feedback from you…

“I can 100% vouch for the Roll-Tops at Uni.”
– Zara


“I use my Madlug Roll-Top bag for school. As a teacher, it's perfect size for all my essentials!”
– Keran


“The Black Laptop Roll-Top. It fits everything and has a laptop compartment"
– @eaces


“Anything with a water bottle holder! I love a separate compartment as well.”

– Tasha



August 14, 2023 — Emma Gibbins

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