In the eight years since Madlug was founded, we have not only grown as a business, we have also become a powerful force for social change – and that’s all thanks to your purchases. The impact of our mission to give dignity to children in care is evident in the numbers and stories that define our journey.

Giving bags donated: 90,000

Through the Madlug Foundation, we have given over 90,000 pack-away travel bags to children and young people in care across the UK and Ireland. These bags, each valued at £10, contribute to a total financial impact of £900,000.

Reached 700,000+ people

Through social media, networks, conferences, podcasts, organic PR, and awards, Madlug has successfully reached and influenced over 700,000 people. Our message is clear: no child or young person should carry their life in a bin bag. It’s a message we will continue to share until every child and young person in care moves with the dignity they deserve.

Jobs created: 9

The positive impact extends to job creation as well, with Madlug having created nine jobs. Each team member is committed to supporting children in care and does a great job of not only growing our organisation, but promoting our impact, too.

Certifications: B Corp and People and Planet First Verified Social Enterprise

With certifications like B Corp and People and Planet First Verified Social Enterprise, we are setting high standards for performance, accountability, and transparency. These certifications showcase our dedication to purpose, people, and the planet over profit. Find out more about our B Corp certification here.

Inspiring foster care

One of the most fantastic things about our organisation is inspiring others to show children in care how incredible they are. We have met and received emails from people who have told us that Madlug has inspired them to foster. Find out more here.

Changing the narrative

Madlug is not just a bag; it's a symbol of dignity. Madlug is referenced in social work training across the UK and stands as an example that no child should carry their life in a bin bag. This powerful visual is transforming the narrative around children in care and is sparking conversations that lead to real change.

2023: A year for change

This year, we hosted our first conference, bringing together everyone from social workers and foster carers to care leaders. This marks a significant step in our journey, reinforcing our commitment to creating a lasting impact. The establishment of the Madlug Foundation further solidifies our mission, ensuring that every child in care is treated with #ValueWorthDignity.

As we prepare to enter 2024, we are edging ever closer to our goal to give 100,000 pack-away bags to children in care across the UK and Ireland by April 2024. We would be over the moon to hit this goal, and thank you for your continued support of our organisation.

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